Centice vs. Traditional Tests

“The MFL is great for small samples…with the NIK kit we are unable to test the small samples because we will destroy all of our evidence…In addition to identifying the illicit, the MFL custom library allows you to capture the things people use to manufacture their drugs.” — Tom Volner, Reynolds County Sheriff


BTL & MFL Systems

MFL-3000 Narcotics Identification System

Traditional Color Test Kits

Drugs.com, Local Pharmacy, or Poison Control

Identifies a wide range of narcotics, precursors, synthetic drugs and prescription drugs

Identifies only a few select narcotic drugs

Identifies only pills visually

Simple to use, with automated sampling and computerized results analysis in one process

Manual sampling and subjective results analysis, often using multiple test vials required for identification

Poison control wait times can be longer; online searches can be inconclusive

Tamper-free analysis maintains sample quantity and integrity even for tiny amounts

Portion of evidence sample is destroyed during analysis

If partial or crushed pill, identification may not be possible

Cost-effective - no consumables to restock or expire

Consumables are perishable and must be restocked

Not all jurisdictions allow the use of visual markings as presumptive identification

Provides identification of illicit along with the identity of all manufacturing agents present, enabling forensic intelligence-led policing

Provides only indication of an illicit present with no further intelligence regarding mixture of substances present

Provides only identification of whole prescription pills, generally with clear visible markings

Results are reproducible, recordable, collaboratively shared and defensible

Results are not reproducible without destroying more sample evidence and kit consumables

No reports are generated for evidence submission purposes

Category A (Highest discriminatory power) analytical technique per SWGDRUG group

Category C (Lowest discriminatory power) technique per SWGDRUG group

Category B (Medium discriminatory power) technique per SWGDRUG group

Highly accurate (low false positive rate)

High false positive rate - several precursors/cutting agents will yield positive on narcotic tests

High false positive rate - partial or crushed pills may not be easily identifiable

The Clear Choice

Centice’s Bench-Top and Mobile Field Lab products identify illicit narcotics, manufacturing agents, and controlled prescription drugs. They aid in the immediate analysis of street drug composition. Combining Raman Spectroscopy technology with our database of more than 3,800 substances and pills with pictures and descriptions, users can secure stronger presumptive evidence in the field.


Our technology is classified as providing Category A Presumptive Evidence in the SWGDrug identification technique table. (below)

Category A
(highest discriminatory power)

Category B
(medium discriminatory power)

Category C
(lowest discriminatory power)

Infrared Spectroscopy

Capillary Electrophoresis

Color Tests

Mass Spectroscopy

Gas Chromatography

Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Ion Mobility Spectrometry


Raman Spectroscopy

Liquid Chromatography

Melting Point

X-Ray Diffractometry

Microcrystalline Tests

Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

Pharmaceutical Identifiers

Thin Layer Chromatography