Quantum Wave Fund

Quantum Wave Fund (QWF) is a venture capital firm focused on seeking out early stage private companies with breakthrough quantum technology. Our mission is to help these companies capitalize on their opportunities and provide a platform for our investors to participate in the quantum technology wave.


QWF’s prime focus is to find and invest in those future leaders through targeted selection among today’s evolutionary startups that develop unique technologies and products in the broad area of modern material science with a specific focus on:
• Security systems, which utilize the physical quality of quantum state approaches
• Metrology devices, who’s unique sensitivities have deep roots in quantum physics, and
• New materials, based on atom-by-atom construction.


S-Group Capital Management

S-Group Capital Management Limited (S-Group) is a private equity and venture capital management company focused on a wide variety of investment opportunities ranging from venture capital investments in high technology companies to developing strategic partnerships with international conglomerates in Russia. Geography of investments includes Russia, US and Europe.


Unique competences, innovativeness, creative approach, desire to share internal know-how and perfect reputation – these are the renowned qualities of our management that distinguishes S-Group from competition.  Deep understanding of finance and extensive experience in structuring transactions allow S-Group to consider wide variety of investment opportunities.


Innovation Ventures, L.P.

Innovation Ventures, LP is an SBIC venture capital fund headquartered in Wilmington, DE and with offices in Lancaster, PA. IV is focused on growth and early-stage investments in the areas of chemicals and materials; electronic materials and devices; information technology; nanotechnology; software; biotechnology (excluding human therapeutics); and business information services related to the legal, financial services and manufacturing industries. Innovation Ventures invests $250,000 to $1 million in early and growth stage companies primarily located in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Fulcrum Financial Group

Fulcrum Financial Group specializes in biotech, medical devices, material science, and IT investments, focusing on early stage startups. They are located near Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.