Drug Testing For Narcotics: New Perspectives

The DOJ in a 2005 report called for new leadership and new attitudes towards the development of intelligence gathering in fighting domestic crime and terrorism. The report was in response to the lessons of 9/11 and underlined the lack of focus of intelligence procedures in everyday police work. The report stated, “Most important, intelligence must…..

Raman 101

Raman spectroscopy, the technique used in MFL-3000 is a well-established method for determining the chemical composition and structure of pharmaceutical products. Raman does this by using chemical “fingerprints” to identify particular molecules.   Raman spectrometer has two parts: a laser and a spectrometer. A laser beam shines on the sample and causes the material of…..

How should seized drugs be identified?

US Drug enforcement administration (DEA) and Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) co-sponsored the formation of a technical group now known as the Scientific Working Group for the analysis of Seized Drugs (SWGDRUG). The group is tasked with recommending minimum standards to identify seized drugs as there are a number of analytical techniques for…..